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Ooni Karu Stone

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Ooni Karu Stone

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  • Every great pizza starts with a great base - something we don't mess around with at Ooni. Refresh the baking stone in your Ooni Karu pizza oven with one of our spare Ooni Karu Baking Stone. The high-quality cordierite baking stone is resilient and retains heat for cooking a brilliant pizza base.

    Note: Clean with the Ooni Pizza Oven Brush when the stone has cooled. Flip before next use to burn off any excess flour. Do not user soap or water.

  • - Size: 336 x 332 x 15mm
    - Thicker: 15mm baking stone
    - Made of solid cordierite stone
    - Extremely durable, made to last
    - Designed for Ooni Karu. Compatible with Ooni 3 and Ooni Koda